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I. Increase access to quality cancer care
II. Increase participation in cancer clinical trials
III. Improve patient satisfaction with their cancer care
IV. Treatment Targets for Change



Clinical Trials Taskforce
The Clinical Trials Task Force continued to meet in 2010 and reviewed the first draft of a promotional tool-kit featuring a business case for cancer clinical trials. This Tool-kit will be developed for use by "clinical trial champions" to promote expansion of clinical trials within their institution. Target: ACoS accredited facilities, Community Liaison Physicians (CLPs) and WI Oncology Network (WON) members.
Chairperson: Colette Salm-Schmid MD

Rural Oncology Literacy Enhancement Study (ROLES)
ROLES study is being conducted by the Department of Population Health Sciences UW Madison together with the UW Carbone Comprehensive Cancer Center. Study staff are conducting a literacy- focused needs assessment of rural cancer patients from the six UW outreach cancer clinics as well as focus groups with staff from each clinic. Based on the needs assessment, a literacy-focused intervention to help rural cancer patients increase their knowledge and understanding of their diagnosis and treatment options, adhere to treatment, reduce unexpected side effects and achieve higher patient satisfaction will be developed.


Implementation Projects


Clinical Trials in Wisconsin Map (pdf)


American Cancer Society - Facts & Figures




The WI State Senate Committee on Insurance and Housing held a public hearing on SB 300, the Cancer Fair Treatment Act, October 9, 2013. Click here to watch the proceedings.


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Clinical Trials

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